IDOTYOU’s Unforgettable Team Building Experience at Club Med Cherating

30 May 2024

IDOTYOU embarked on a company trip to Club Med Cherating, leaving behind our office routines for a team building adventure. Carpooling our way to Kuantan, we brimmed with excitement for what lay ahead. Here are some highlights of our memorable moments. 

Once we arrived, the stage was set for our team-building session. The G.Os (Gentle Organisers) of Club Med welcomed us warmly, making our stay effortless and assisting us whenever needed.

At IDOTYOU, we've always believed in working hard and playing harder. That's why, for this trip, we had a big idea inspired by the Paris Olympics this year. We decided to host our very own version: the IDOTYOULYMPICS! We formed four teams, namely, Blue Lagoon, Greenville, Redtopia, and Yellow Springs and competed in a variety of sports. 

We kicked off the IDOTYOULYMPICS with Table Tennis, featuring three categories: team rally, mixed doubles, and men’s singles. The matches were intense, with the teams going head to head competitively. But Greenville, with their tongue-in-cheek slogan “our goal is to lose,” surprisingly emerged winners with the highest points for Table Tennis. 

Next up was Archery, testing our team’s sharpshooting skills. Despite many members handling a bow for the first time, Yellow Springs emerged victorious after three rounds, showcasing their accuracy and determination. 

On the third day, we delved into the unfamiliar territory of Bocce Ball, a French sport new to most of us. With the guidance of the Club Med Sports manager, we took on the challenge. Despite battling the Malaysian heat and each other, Greenville once again triumphed as winners with the most points. As the IDOTYOULYMPICS concluded, it was revealed that there was a “Best Dressed” contest all along, initiated by our CEO, Dorothy Fong. After garnering the most votes from Club Med G.O.s and the General Manager, Blue Lagoon claimed the title, ending our journey on a stylish note.

Apart from the IDOTYOULYMPICS, our team immersed ourselves in nightly activities organised by Club Med. We got to experience a Lion Dance up close on the first night, marvelling at the performers’ agile moves. Once the show was over, we were invited to the common area where a variety of Asian-themed games awaited us, such as Congkak, Ddakji, and other fun games. Additionally, there were Soju Bomb and Beer Pong to energise the crowd. It was an awesome time being able to bond over simple childlike games that kept us in touch with our playful side.

The 2nd night mesmerised us with the Dreamland show, where performers gracefully spun through the air, leaving us awestruck at their acrobatics and skillful stunts. Right after that, everyone flocked to the main lobby for Club Med’s Glow Night, where we danced and enjoyed the music. It was the first time seeing everyone just letting loose and just living in the moment. On our final night, we got to experience Club Med’s Music Factory show where they amused the crowd with music from all kinds of genres and even performed comedic dances to go along with it. 

As we reached the final day, we had a meaningful sharing session where each one of us had an opportunity to share our highlights and insights gained throughout the trip. We had the chance to share our favourite moments, new experiences and the lessons we had learnt.

Our time spent at Club Med Cherating reinforced a vital truth: doing things together builds team spirit and strengthens our bond with each other. From the nightly spectacles to the spirited camaraderie of the IDOTYOULYMPICS, our time together showcased the profound impact of prioritising the health and happiness of the team first and foremost.

In conclusion, our trip to Club Med Cherating left a mark on our hearts, reminding us of the significance of nurturing our team’s well-being. As we reluctantly bid adieu to these tranquil shores and rejoin the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we'll hold close the precious memories and echoes of shared laughter, serving as a heartfelt reminder of our time together.