IDOTYOU wins 2 bronzes at APPIES 2021 & our collaboration with IPC Shopping Centre

31 Dec 2021

IDOTYOU has won 2 bronze awards in APPIES 2021! We received the 2 awards for Digital & Social and Marketing Innovation categories for a project we did with IPC Shopping Centre. On 31 December 2020, we held a 12-hour livestream for IPC, called the IPC LIVE Shopping Fiesta. It was Malaysia’s longest shoppable livestream where consumers could shop for products from the participating tenants at IPC Shopping Centre from the comfort of their own home. We partnered with several KOLs like Natalie Chai, Tata, Ming Yue and Koe Yeet, and even had live performances from Talitha Tan and Jeremy Zucker. These hosts kept the livestream running by talking about the tenants involved and the promotional items. The shopping process was simple and easy – consumers just needed to #IPC in the comments section and be guided to IPC’s Facebook Messenger chatbox where they could shop 100 different brands from 35 tenants. From there, IPC’s shopping assistants would personally get the items from the tenants and hand it over to Lalamove riders, who would deliver the items to consumers on the same day.

“We are definitely the first shopping centre in Malaysia to do something innovative such as this. The pandemic has hit us hard. Most people are actually going to shop online,” said Mark Tan, IPC’s Marketing Manager.

“It is very difficult for a traditional business like a shopping centre that is brick and mortar to go into e-commerce. How can we further reach out to our consumers without just opening an e-store like everyone else? So, the idea came about: why don’t we do social commerce?”

Before the livestream even started, the sales had already started coming in, and at the end of the whole project, we managed to reach an audience of over 1.35 million with 85,000 views!

Due to the success of the 12-hour social commerce livestream, IPC decided to partner with IDOTYOU again for their Raya and Christmas campaign. On 5 May 2021, we held a 1-hour Facebook livestream for IPC during the Raya season to help drive tenant sales using KOLs and artists. The show was titled IPC Raya Kau Kaw Kaw.

During the liveshow, the comments section was abuzz with some customers tagging friends and engaging with the show’s host, while others inquired about how to buy products online. Of course, the hashtag #IPC to purchase made up a big sum of the total comments. A total of 221 #IPCs were triggered throughout the campaign, while 97 orders were generated.

The liveshow was also able to reach a peak of 241 live viewers, which eventually led to an increase in followers on IPC’s Facebook page by 0.6% throughout the campaign. All in all, the IPC Raya Kau Kaw Kaw generated a higher number of purchases as compared to the New Year’s Eve campaign! Bravo!

As for the Christmas campaign in December 2021, IDOTYOU helped IPC run another campaign called, Passport to Shop. The idea was to decorate IPC Shopping Centre to look like an airport to give shoppers the experience like they’re travelling again. There were check-in counters, baggage claim, body scans and even airplane seats to give a simulated flying experience. Upon ‘check-in’, shoppers could collect shopping-miles each time they shopped at an IPC tenant and exchange their points for rewards. And with the festive season around the corner, it was the perfect time to shop and have a travelling experience at the same time.

Check out this fun video we filmed at IPC Shopping Centre during Christmas.