IDOTYOU takes home 1 Gold 2 Silver and 1 Bronze with Kau Sundaeku in its first attempt at the Effie Awards 2023 & Kancil Awards 2023

14 Dec 2023

IDOTYOU proudly bagged four awards this year in our very first attempt with the prestigious Effie Awards 2023 and Kancil Awards 2023! Our groundbreaking campaign, Kau Sundaeku – a 9-Episode Mini Drama-Series created for McDonald’s Malaysia’s crew recruitment, achieved remarkable success!

With our submission entitled: McDonald’s Social-Led Recruitment Campaign; This Time It’s Personnel, we won:

Effie Awards 2023
🥇GOLD – Restaurants
🥈SILVER – Corporate Reputation
🥈SILVER – Media Idea

Kancil Awards 2023
🥉BRONZE – Digital Experience, Creative Effectiveness

In 2022, McDonald’s Malaysia needed to boost their hiring and retention rate to cope with its business expansion plan. Fragmented recruitment processes and the inability to resonate with Gen Zs were some of their pressing challenges, causing a low hiring rate and a high turnover rate.

“We knew that we needed to do things differently. We needed to reimagine the application process, removing the lengthy recruitment process and injecting emotions in our messaging in order to be able to grab Gen Zs’ attention and buy in.” Dorothy, CEO of IDOTYOU said.

Our “a-ha” moment sprang from the contrast between Gen Z’s love affair with bite-sized content and the lack of that dopamine hit in their job search. Their hunger for lightning-fast, impactful content dovetailed perfectly with McDonald’s commitment to nurturing its crew. We predicted that infusing the job-seeking process with an entertaining twist would resonate with their values and guide their decisions. This was no ordinary insight—it was a clever mashup of social media savviness and career aspirations, a crucial blend of elements that are necessary for the campaign’s success.

The 9-Episode short drama series ‘Kau Sundaeku’ tells a light- hearted story between 3 new McDonald’s crew members who found themselves a career, a home, and perhaps even love in McDonald’s. We opted for a series over a single longform video, giving each unique benefit of working with McDonald’s its moment to shine rather than risk any benefits being overlooked when crammed into a single video. We embraced contemporary social trends and emojis for relevant, relatable treatments. The video aesthetics mirrored Gen Z’s daily dopamine dose—unpolished, lifestyle-oriented content that seamlessly blended in with their Instagram and TikTok escapades. At the end of each episode, we included a call-to-action that directed interested candidates to apply by texting us on WhatsApp.

As soon as all the episodes went live, we began to see results! The campaign, which was supposed to run for one year, achieved all its goals within just six months! We generated 5 times more leads, doubled conversion rates, and accomplished a 110% hiring rate before the campaign ended.

“Receiving such an honour at the Effie Awards and Kancil Awards this year gives us the assurance that doing things differently and trusting the process is the key to achieving greatness. We are utterly grateful to McDonald’s Malaysia for believing in us and letting us do things differently.” Dot said.